Do Car Windscreens Need Extra Care in Summers?

Car Windscreens Need Extra Care in Summers

Would you want your windshield to melt in the sweltering heat? Sunscreen or a cold drink will chill it. In summer, protect your car’s windshield. Summer is coming, and your vehicle windshield might become dirty! Well, windshields have a rough existence. They’re constantly close to breaking from sun glares. Ignoring small damages is like ignoring a dam fracture. It might break and flood your home at any time! This summer, the sun will get your car’s windshield! Windscreen Repair Dubai can assist you in defending your windshield.

The Impacts of Summer Temperatures on Automobile Windshields

The summer humidity can damage your car’s windshield in multiple ways.

  1. First, the intense heat can cause your windshield to expand, putting pressure on any existing fractures or chipping and possibly causing them to worsen over time.
  2. In addition, protracted exposure to sunlight can degrade glass and increase its susceptibility to fracturing upon impact. Sun damage causes discoloration and tarnishing of the windshield, which is unsightly and can also impair driver visibility.
  3. Sun reflection is another prevalent midsummer issue. The sun’s angle about your car’s windshield can cause dazzling reflections that impair your ability to drive safely. This poses a threat to safety because it increases the likelihood of accidents.
  4. Due to the expansion and contraction of materials under extreme climate conditions, such as scorching summers, high temperatures also increase the likelihood of rock fragments from scattered gravel or detritus on the roadway.

How to Prevent Summertime Damage to Your Car Windshield

Summer is the most popular time for drivers to take long trips. However, this is also when your car’s windshield is most susceptible to injury from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Taking extra care of your car’s windshield is essential during the summer.

  1. One method to prevent damage to your vehicle is to position it in a shaded or covered area. If you cannot access a garage or covered parking area, use a windshield sunshade to block UV radiation and keep your vehicle’s interior fresh.
  2. Another method is to avoid sudden temperature changes, which can cause windscreen fractures. Avoid using frigid water on heated windshields, as this can result in thermal shock.
  3. Regular windshield cleaning also prevents the accumulation of grime, which can contribute to dents and cracks. For cleansing purposes, use only recommended cleaning products and delicate microfiber fabrics.
  4. Keep an eye out for small fractures or fissures in your windshield, as they expand rapidly when exposed to heat. Immediately repair them so they don’t develop into larger problems requiring replacement.
  5. Adhering to these straightforward guidelines can prevent summertime damage to your car’s windshield and maintain visibility behind the wheel.

Tips for Windshield Repair and Replacement

You can do a few things to ensure that your car’s windshield remains in excellent condition during the summer months regarding windscreen repair and replacement.

  1. Ensure you park your vehicle in shady areas or covered garages whenever possible. Sir/Madam, using this will assist in avoiding direct sunlight from causing harm to your windshield.
  2. Any fractures or fissures in your windshield must be repaired without delay. Untreated, small fragments may rapidly expand into larger fissures. DIY products can be used for minor damages, but for major issues, seeking professional help is recommended.
  3. In the summer, avoiding using boiling water when cleaning your windshield is important. The glass might shatter due to the sudden temperature change causing it to rapidly expand and contract.
  4. Routine maintenance of the windshield wiper blades is necessary as worn-out blades can damage the windshield’s surface and fail to wash away detritus.
  5. If you adhere to these guidelines and proactively maintain your car’s windshield during summer heat waves, you can keep it pristine throughout the season!

Disaster Which We Can Face When Windshield Breaks in Uae?

Reduced vision

A damaged windshield may severely limit the driver’s visibility, particularly in strong sunshine or at night with dazzling headlights. It may cause car accidents.

Flying Debris

Broken windshields may injure drivers and passengers.

Driving with a shattered windshield may be unsafe. This may disturb your day.

Increased theft risk

A damaged windshield makes it simpler for criminals to enter your vehicle and take your valuables. In the UAE, automobile theft is a big issue.

Fines and penalties

Driving with a shattered windshield may cost you. It may also raise your insurance prices.

pricey repairs

Replacing a windshield is pricey. Replacing the automobile may be cheaper.


Fixing a damaged windshield requires time off work. This is particularly troublesome if you drive every day.

Steps to Take Care Of Windshield in Dubai Heat Wave

UAE heat requires windshield care for safety and vehicle longevity. Dubai’s heat may break windshields. Thus they require upkeep. Heat damages windshields and impairs driving. Following these recommendations may avoid costly windshield repairs. Windshield maintenance:

  1. A tree or covered parking spot may shield the automobile from direct sunshine. This keeps the windshield from overheating and cracking.
  2. Use a windshield sunshade to block UV radiation. This prevents overheating and windshield damage.
  3. Regular cleaning is always best, as Debris on the windshield may scratch and harm it. Regular cleaning with a delicate cloth and mild cleaner may avoid this.
  4. Repair windshield cracks and chips immediately. Ignoring these concerns might harm your car and impair your sight.
  5. Blasting the air conditioner on the windshield will fracture it. Gradually adjusting the temperature prevents this.
  6. Intense heat may degrade windshield wiper rubber. Wiper maintenance helps avoid windshield damage.

Science Behind the Windshield Break in Summer

Science causes summer windshield breakage. Heat expansion and contraction, direct sunlight, low humidity, dry conditions, UV radiation, and road debris destroy summer windshields. Regular windshield repair and inspection may prevent further damage and improve driving safety.

Thermal Expansion/Contraction

Summer windshield breaking is caused by temperature expansion and contraction. Sunlight heats the windshield quickly in summer. The glass expands, stressing the windshield. The glass shrinks back to its former size at night, causing tension on the surface that might cause fractures or breaks.

Direct Sunlight/UV Radiation

Direct sunshine and UV rays may shatter windshields. Direct sunlight weakens glass, making it more brittle. UV radiation also affects windshields.

Dry and Low Humidity

Dry weather may also shatter windshields. Low humidity in summer may dry out the windshield, making it brittle and more susceptible to shocks.

Road Debris and Impact

Summer windshield breakage is also caused by Debris and collisions. The windshield may fracture or shatter from road debris, rocks, and stones.


Remember to give your car’s windshield some love and attention, especially during the summer when it’s under attack from all sorts of elements. It’s like a battle out there between nature and you, folks!

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