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8 Signs Your Car’s Engine Oil Needs Changing 

8 Signs Your Car's Engine Oil Needs Changing

Why do most people delay changing their engine oil even after seeing the visible problem? A good engine oil not only enhances your car’s overall performance but also increases the lifespan of your Engine. People depend on mileage or mechanics to determine when the oil needs to be changed. Mileage is the distance that a car covers.

Changing engine oil is a crucial maintenance that your car needs. This oil provides lubricant to the components present in the car, absorbs heat and avoids friction. If the engine oil level is low and a bit old, it could cause severe damage to your engine, ultimately affecting the overall vehicle performance. So, timely changing of engine oil is essential.

8 Important Signs of Oil Change

The engine oil is essential because it gives life to your car. It prevents corrosion, and its timely change protects the engine from failure. The changing of oil color, burning smell, dashboard warning lights, and low level of oil could be a reason that your car engine is demanding an oil change service. Below are some reds signs by windscreen repair Dubai thay you should never ignore coming from our car engine, they points out/ indicate the ultimate need for oil changing.

  • Unfamiliar Noise from Engine

Unfamiliar Noise from Engine

Sometimes, you hear an unfamiliar and knocking voice when you start your car. This is just because of old oil, which cannot lubricate the engine. The engine oil starts moving when you start your vehicle, and due to the old oil, it produces ticking sounds that nobody would want to hear.

Due to this old oil, the engine will take more time to get started, and the parts will begin rubbing together, ultimately producing unwanted noises. If you want smooth travel, change the engine oil when you notice this problem.

  • Dark and Grimy Oil

Dark and Grimy Oil

The presence of dark and grimy oil is also a sign to change engine oil. Generally, the new engine oil is yellowish, but with time, the color of the oil changes from yellow to brown and then black. The evolution of color could also happen due to the accumulation of dirt particles. Presence of unwanted particles or temperature fluctuations may create troubles for your vehicle engine. So, it is essential to check the engine oil color frequently.

  • Burning Smell from Engine

Sometimes, there comes a burning smell from your engine; it may be due to a leak of oil or overheating of the engine. If not monitored on time, your car engine can catch fire in this case. So, for the safety of you and your vehicle, it is necessary to change the engine oil whenever it shows any red flags.

  • Smoke Emission from Exhaust

Smoke Emission from Exhaust

In some cases, when the oil level reduces in the engine, smoke starts emitting from the exhaust as you start the engine. It is also a sign to change the engine oil immediately.

  • Warning Lights

Dashboards warning lights could determine when the oil of the engine needs to be changed. Nowadays, in mew car models, there are current warning lights, sensors, and mileage, designed to quickly pick the engine oil levels so you can book an oil change service with no delay.

  • High Friction

When there is a low level of oil in your engine, the parts that lubricate from this oil start rubbing with each other, ultimately causing friction, which is disturbing for car performance. This friction may cause the engine failure. Never avoid friction sounds and change your vehicle engine oil with no delays.

  • Low-Level of Oil

Low-Level of Oil

It is essential to check the level of oil twice a week. This will let you know when the engine oil needs to be changed. When you examine a low level of oil, change it for better performance.

  • Extended Driving

When you go on a long-distance trip, your engine uses more old oil, which ultimately reduces the performance of your vehicle. So, before going on any long-mile travel, look at the engine oil; if it needs a change, do it for an unstoppable journey.


If you want to extend the lifespan of your car’s engine, it is necessary to check the engine oil frequently. Because engine oil provides lubricant to the components and increases the overall performance of a vehicle, it should be changed when needed. If you examine low-level engine oil, burning smell, and grimy oil, it is time to change the oil. Never ignore these red signals from your car if you want to maintain its proper functionality.

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