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6 Car Smells You Shouldn’t Ignore

1 Car Smells You Shouldn’t Ignore

Sometimes, your car produces an unfamiliar and strange odor that you should not ignore. Unlike mild smells such as dirt, you may experience some harsh odors, these can effect the functionality of your vehicle. Generally, people ignore the smells of their vehicle just by considering it a typical fragrance. Still, you must know some severe odors your car shouldn’t produce. These precautions are mentioned by Windscreen Repair Dubai.

Why your car smells

You must have an awareness of why your car produces smell. Generally, people invest a considerable amount to buy a car, but they ignore its regular cleaning and maintenance. They don’t check the internal condition of their vehicles, like checking engine oil, its wires, A/C system, water leakage, and fluid leakage. It is essential to take care of it because minor damage can result in severe consequences. Due to these irregular cleaning and maintenance, your car may produce unusual smells.

Trouble-Creating Odors

It is a fact that a vehicle produces a smell, and sometimes, the odor could be of some food items, drinks, or smoke. These odors are considered usual because they don’t cause any damage to you and your vehicle, but there are some strange and pungent smells from the car that can cause severe damage to a person’s life, and you must be aware of those strong smells. Ignoring these odors is not the right decision because some scents can be a reason for the flame.

Vital car smells you shouldn’t ignore

Here are six odors that your car produces and shouldn’t be ignored.

Sweet or Sugary Odor

The presence of coolant or anti-freeze in the vehicles protects them from overheating. Sometimes, due to the leakage of these coolents there comes a sugary and sweet smell.

The coolant Ethylene Glycol is used to keep the car cool, and its leakage from the tank could be a reason for the flame. To prevent your vehicle from flame, it is recommended not to ignore this smell. If you neglect this odor, you must bear the severe consequences of engine failure.

Gasoline Smell

Sometimes, you feel a gasoline smell in your car. It is crucial to have proper treatment in this case because the gases released from the vehicle could be harmful and can cause the death of a person. Sometimes, these gases suffocate a person, the gasoline smell indicates that your engine fluid is leaking, and immediate action is required because, due to this smell, the car catches fire and ultimately puts a person’s life at risk.

Burning Smell

The burning smell is also an important indication that you should not ignore. This burning smell could come from the electrical wires. These wires produce a strange burning odor, and ultimately, the car catches fire. To protect your vehicle from flame, it is crucial to take preventive measures and check the electrical wires of the car properly.

Plastic Melting Smell

If you feel a smoky or plastic-burning smell, then you should be very cautious. This odor comes from the fluid leakage that falls on the engine, which is already hot and ultimately causes a blast, and the car catches fire instantly. Due to this plastic-burning smell, your vehicle will face severe consequences, so treat this problem promptly.

Pungent Odor from Exhaust

When a car’s engine works, it sometimes produces steam, known as exhaust fumes. The leakage of these exhaust fumes produces unpleasant gases that can suffocate a person and, ultimately, cause death—for example, sulfur presence in a car initiates hydrogen sulfide formation. This gas smells of rotten eggs, and it caus. People find it comfortable to sit and eat in the car.It is recommended to use an air freshener after eating in the car to reduce the odor of the headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and coma, to avoid these consequences, take immediate action.

Smell of Mold/Mildew

Sometimes, you feel the smell of mold and mildew in the car. These smells are due to your car windows and doors leakage, allowing moisture and water to reside in your vehicle. The smell of mold causes the development of mildew in your car, and your vehicle starts rusting. Treat this problem by using a disinfectant and make sure that there is no further leakage in your car.

Preventive Measures

e recommended measures that you should take to prevent your vehicle from damage.

Clean the interior of the Car

It is essential to clean the interior of the car twice a week and check regularly the presence of any leakage from where there is the possibility of water entrance. Use any mild cleaning agent to keep the car interior clean, but avoid ammonia-based cleaners that can damage the car. Clean the mildew surface with a disinfectant.

Keep your car dry

Long time moisture stay in the car invites mold and mildew, which ultimately causes rusting of your vehicle. Keep your car dry and check for leaks; treat the problem immediately. Mostly, by accident, people spill water or coffee in the car. Instead, use spillproof cups to minimize the chances of spills.

Use Air Freshener

Whenever you eat or drink in your car, expert recommend to use an air freshener immediately to get rid from the odor immediately.

Avoid Smoking in the car

Don’t smoke in the car because it produces a strange odor. Keep your vehicle clean as much as you can to reduce the safety hazard.

Take Immediate Actions

After all these preventive measures, if you still feel a strange odor coming from your vehicle, it is recommended to take immediate action by connecting with a car expert. He will determine the source of the smell and treat your car accordingly.


Have you ever felt a strange odor from your vehicle? It is due to the irregular cleaning and maintenance. Your car needs regular cleaning, and if you don’t, the vehicle’s parts start getting worn out and produce a strange smell. With time, it smells like rotten eggs, exhaust fumes, burning incense, mold and mildew, oil and plastic burning smell.

These are not the odors that you should ignore. Immediate actions are required to eradicate the problem because your car can catch fire if you don’t resolve the issue. Try to keep your car clean to boost its functionality and set a regular checking routine for your vehicle.

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