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What’s the Difference Between Car Valeting and Car Detailing?

Car Detailing

Are you thinking of selling your car and purchasing a new one? But before directly selling the vehicle, it is necessary to clean it inside and out for an increased selling rate. You can choose valeting or detailing for your car. Both these services are designed to make a car look like a brand new. Car valeting and car detailing share some differences but people use both these terms interchangeably. So, it is essential to select detailing or valeting for your car by knowing the difference listed by Windscreen Repair Dubai.

Car Valeting

Valeting is a professional cleaning process of your car that increases its value. The valet of the car includes cleaning, waxing, and polishing.

It covers the interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle that takes maximum of 2 hours.

Washing the dirty wheels, applying polishing to the paint, aiding the tires, and applying wax to the bodywork are involved in the thorough cleaning process of car valeting.

Due to the continuous rainfall, bird dung, and tree sap, your car becomes contaminated and has stains. In this case, car valeting could be a good choice as it removes contaminants using a clay bar. After valeting, you car looks like a new one with no doubts.

For the outer cleaning process, non-toxic chemicals and high-tech tools are used. These tools help easy access to the hard-to-reach areas. Dirt and stains on the exterior paint can be easily removed by using different products.

While inner cleaning of seats, upholstery, dashboard, and carpet can be done with the help of vacuuming, some experts also use some mild cleaning agents along with vacuuming to ensure 100% stains, dirt, and unwanted particles removal. Careful shampooing could also be done in the car’s internal cleaning process.

Car Valeting Services

You must be thinking about the entire car valeting services. Below are car valeting services you need to know.

  • Vacuuming inner surface
  • Washing the exterior of the car
  • Removing bird dung and stains
  • Protective waxing is applied
  • Cleaning leather
  • Washing and aiding tires
  • Cleaning interior carpet and upholstery

After thoroughly cleaning, the car is dried, and the paintwork is polished; a protective layer of waxing is applied to it for a finishing look, especially on the mirrors because they are more prone to scratches.

Car Detailing

Due to the scratches and stains, the car’s paintwork becomes rough. Car detailing focuses on the paint correction process of the vehicle, bringing back the paintwork of the car to life. This method is also used to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. If your car has minor damage, you can choose the car detailing service.

Different types of polishers per preferences are used for the correctness of the paintwork by removing scratches and marks.

The machine polishers are mainly used to achieve a shiny and mirror-like look. They remove any imperfections perfection present in the car, affecting its appearance. It also focuses on cleaning the interior surface and wheels. The car detailing protects the paintwork from harm by removing scratches and contaminants.

Doubtlessly, car detailing service increases the value of your vehicle because it removes every debris and scratch from your car’s paintwork.

Car Detailing Services

Below are some auto detailing services.

  • Cleaning and drying the car interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Removing stains, marks, and scratches.
  • Using machine polishers for paintwork
  • The protective layer is applied for any further harm.

These are some detailing services that can be used to repair your car and give it a good look.


Car detailing and valeting are the services used to clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces. These services give a shiny and new look to your car by removing dust and stains present in your vehicle. Car valeting refers a thorough cleaning of vehicle upholstery, carpets, dashboards, and paintwork while detailing includes a complete cleaning process along with the removal of scratches and dirt. The wheels of the car are also cleaned and washed correctly. A protective layer can also be applied to avoid further damage. So, if you are trying to sell your vehicle, choose the car valeting or car detailing option, as these services increase the value of a sale.

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