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How Long Can You Safely Drive With Damaged Auto Glass

Safely Drive With Damaged Auto Glass

Your vehicle’s glass can get damaged due to the accumulated dust and debris or by some extreme weather forecast. When your car’s glass gets damaged, you should instantly go to the nearby auto repair shop to fix this issue.

In some circumstances, you don’t have much time to get it repaired. Sometimes, you want to reach a specific destination on time and suddenly get it damaged, now what?; you must be curious to know how long you can drive with this glass damage. For this purpose, you should know about some essential things listed by Windscreen Repair Dubai.

Damaged Auto Glass

Getting your car’s damaged glass fixed on time is essential because it could be a safety threat to you and your family. No matter the situation, you should get it fixed, but some damages can be neglected; for instance, it depends on the location of auto glass damage. You can avoid scratches but for a proper break, you need to repair it as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

Read the factors below to determine whether you should continue driving your car with a damaged auto glass or not.

Determine Which Window is Damaged

It depends on the location of auto glass damage and your driving speed that determines the distance margin you can cover with no further mess. The damage could be to the windscreen, side window, or rear window. So, first, determine the location.


If the crack is on windscreen, you should fix it instantly because it is not allowed in some countries, including the United Arab Emirates, to drive with a damaged windscreen. Furthermore, the minor damage could get bigger due to the temperature changes and dust particles on the road.

Windscreen cracks may cause life hazards and driving troubles for the driver if it interrupts the outside view. If there are small cracks, you can prevent the fixing for that time but try to get it repaired quickly.

Back Window

Driving with a glass crack is not recommended because, with time, the gap would become more prominent. The damage on your rear window will not threaten your safety and will not reduce your visibility, and you can drive safely with a crack on your back window, but try to fix it quickly to prevent more damage.

Side Window

A scratched or cracked side window can destroy car luxurious appearance, don’t be worried because it will not affect your visibility and safety, and you can drive safely. But try to resolve this issue quickly because even a tiny crack could become more prominent due to negligence.

Understanding the Type of Damage

There are different types of car glass damage, and they can be caused by many factors. You should know about the kind of these damage before deciding to drive with this damage. Below are some types of damage that your auto glass could face.


When you drive at a high speed, the debris and rocks on the road hit your car’s glass and cause a crack on its screen. These cracks could be smaller or larger.


Scratches could also cause damage to the vehicle glass. These scratches could be the wiper blades we use to wash the car’s windscreen or tree branches.

Shattered Glass

Shattered glass is also damage your auto glass could have on it. This damage is caused by some accident or collision. If there is broken glass damage, you should repair it quickly.


These are the small cracks that can be fixed easily. This type of damage is usually caused by the hitting of debris on your windscreen present on the road.

Determine the Size of the Damage

If you want to drive safely with a damaged vehicle glass, you should determine the size of the damage present on it. If there are small cracks or chips on your auto glass, you can drive safely to your destination if these cracks are not on your windscreen to reduce your visibility. If you don’t have time, these cracks could get untreated but must be repaired after you get time.

If the size of the damage is large, it is not recommended to drive with this damage, as safety comes first. You should repair this damage quickly because it can cause a mishap.

Check the Forecast

You should check the weather conditions before driving with the damaged car window glass, the extreme heat and cold could be a reason to expand or contract the glass, which can increase the crack and will create life threatening situation. So, check the extremities’ weather conditions.

Risks of Car Glass Damage 

Repairing the damaged auto glass quickly is recommended because it can cause severe risks to a person’s safety. Below are some threats that could happen by neglecting the damage.

  1. Cracks and Scratches present on the windshield glass can obstruct view to a person who is driving. Due to this reduced visibility, there could be a possibility of an accident. So, it is essential to repair it for the safety of pedestrians and people inside the car.
  2. The damaged vehicle glass can also cause fatal injuries. The sudden bump on the road can cause the breakage of the mirror and hit the people inside.
  3. If you are driving with a damaged glass in Dubai, you could bear the severe legal consequences. For attempting this forbidden act, you will have to pay a specific fine. So, try to repair it quickly to prevent these legal consequences.


Yes, you can drive with damaged vehicle glass, but how long you can go depends upon different factors like the size and location of the damage. If there is a large crack in your car glass, it will surely obstruct the view of a person who is driving and can cause severe accidents.

Try to notice the type, size, and location before driving with a damaged auto glass. The most important thing is to read the rules of your country because some countries have strict regulations for driving with damaged glass. Moreover, park your car under a shade to avoid such issues.

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