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How To Recharge Your Car Air Conditioning System?

Recharge Your Car Air Conditioning System

Do you experience any red flags from your car air conditioning system, such as hot air or unusual functioning? This may be cause of the refrigerants in the car AC that leak over time therefore can create troubles. For maintaining the functionality of your car AC, you need to recharge it and it is not a complicated process. Follow the guide by Windscreen Repair Dubai and follow to recharge the Air Conditioner of your vehicle.

Step to Recharge Car Air Conditioning

Check the Atmospheric Air

You can use guages to examine the air pressure of atmosphere. Monitoring atmospheric air before recharging your car AC by using guages and hose is recommended. You should follow the chart present on the refrigerant to determine the pressure before changing the system.

A proper gauge set that checks the pressure rather than one gauge is recommended. By this method, you will be able to monitor the effectiveness of your vehicle’s air conditioning system after recharging.

Find the Low-Side port

There are two service ports in every A/C: a low-side service port and a high-side port. Find a low-side port, and it could be present between the accumulator and the compressor.

It is essential to use a low-side port for only one gauge to attach the refrigerant and high and low-side ports for gauges to connect the refrigerant. Consult the manufacturer for guidance, if you are unable to find the right port.

Remove Accumulated Dust

Now remove the dust particles with the help of a cloth. After removing dust and debris, remove the cap of only the low-side service port if you are using a single gauge.

Use Charging Hose

Use a correct-sized charging hose to add refrigerant to your car AC system. These charging hoses have different diameters for vacuum refrigeration.

The hose should be connected firmly, if the hose is attached loosely, you need to be more focused during this process.

Attach the Refrigerant

In Dubai market, you will easily find different types of refrigerants like R-22, R-32, R-12, R-454B, and many more. You can choose any of them per yur preferences for your vehicle. R-22 is a mostly used refrigerant type for cars because of its high functionality.

Follow the guidelines (instructions) and add a refrigerant to your car’s air conditioning system.

Start Charging the System

Now, start charging the system by determining the air pressure chart and try to check the pressure readings constantly. The clutch in the A/C system is made to engage or disengage the connection between the drive wheel and engine transmission.

Try to notice whether the compressor’s clutch is engaged or disengaged if the amount of refrigerant increases; the clutch mustn’t engage if the system is low. It is recommended to charge the system appropriately. The overcharging could cause damage. If you need more clarification on the pressure, consult a professional.

Remove the Hose

When the system is charged, carefully remove the hose from the service port and store the remaining refrigerant in the dry spot.

Check the Cap of Service Port

After completing these steps, check the cap seal to see if it has any cracks or tears. This seal could be a source of protection for schrader valves if there is any leakage. This Schrader valve is generally used in pressurized liquid applications like sir shocks.

Why do you Need a professional’s Help?

With no proper tools and less expertise, using refrigerants can cause environmental and health issues, to avoid these harms, we always recommended you to go for professional AC recharge services for your vehicle’s proper AC functionality.


As the summer season peaks, you need a sound air conditioning system for your car. This system not only keeps us calm but also provides comfort, especially while driving. But when this A/C starts blowing hot air, you need to recharge it by yourself or with the help of professionals. Follow the above steps to recharge your car’s air conditioning system.

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