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How to Remove Scratches from Car Windscreen?

Remove Scratches from Car Windscreen

The windscreen is a glass window that is present in the front of a car that helps taking a road view while driving. This windscreen blocks the air or dust from entering the vehicle. A scratch could be a reason for reduced visibility while driving, which ultimately puts a person’s life at risk. Thus, it is essential to keep the car’s windshield clean and scratch-free. Read the tips by Windscreen Repair Dubai, to remove the scratches from your car windscreen.

Tips to Remove Scratches

There are different ways to remove marks or scratches from your windscreen. You can use any method below to remove it.

Use Glass Repair Kit

You can use the glass repair kit to remove the marks from the windscreen. For this method, you will first need a glass repair kit with a compound named cerium oxide to remove marks.

Wear gloves for safety precautions. Apply cerium oxide on the scratch and let it dry for 40 minutes; clean it after some time with the help of a cloth. Primarily, this kit is used to remove the deep scratches.

Use Scratch Remover

There are present the acrylic remover for this purpose. These removers are easily available in the market. Pour this acrylic remover on the cloth and apply to the affected area.

Let it dry for at least 30 minutes, and then use a soft cloth to remove it from the glass. For a glossy look, remove the remaining scratches.

Use Tooth-paste 

Non-gel toothpaste could be an effective and cheap way to repair your car’s glass. You can put a small amount of this toothpaste on a cloth and then apply it to the glass where the scratch is present.

Clean the windshield with the help of a wet cloth and then dry the surface for a smooth appearance.

Use Nail Polish to Remove the Scratch

Another thing is a cosmetic product that can repair the windscreen. Nail polish has the property to become hard soon after applying. So, it can be used to remove minor scratches from the glass.

You just need to apply the nail paint on the glass and let it dry, and here you are done with the procedure.

Use Distilled Water and Buffing Machine

To remove the minor marks from the glass, you can use distilled water and a buffing machine. In this method, you must cover the car’s body, pump water into the mirror, and then use a buffing device until the scar disappears. Remove the covering from the car after repairing the screen.

This method is not recommended by experts because of the risk it can create. It can also cause irreparable harm to the glass of your windscreen when you use it for significant scratches.

Use Scrub Compound

The scrub compound is also used to repair the car windscreen. You can use a microfiber cloth in this method; this cloth cause of its mini fibers, capture dirt particles ively.

Pour a scrubber on the cloth and then rub this cloth on the affected part. Apply a little compound repeatedly. Use this method for some days until the windscreen is repaired.

Use Professional help

If you are uncomfortable doing any of these procedures to remove the scratch, you can also use a professional’s guide. It is recommended to seek expert help if the scratches are deep. Furthermore, if there is a crack in the windscreen, it will not be repaired by these methods; it will need to be replaced.

Precautions to Avoid Scratches | Luxurious Car Windscreen

There are some precautions you should take to avoid windscreen scratches.

  • One of the reasons for these scratches could be a lack of cleaning. Dust particles from the road accumulate on the windscreen, which can cause severe harm.
  • People generally don’t prefer to change the wiper blades. It is recommended to change it because it has a short lifespan and it could cause damage to your windscreen.
  • It is essential to clean the blades because after time they start containing dirt particles that could cause minor and deep scratches.
  • You should not use the wipers on a dry surface as they slowly scratch the glass.
  • Try to park your car in a dust-free and protected area to avoid this problem.


It all depends on the intensity of your windscreen scratch, whether it needs a professional treatment or could be repaired by using non-gel toothpaste, buffing device, nail paint, or a glass kit. It is essential to take some precautions to avoid these windscreen scratches as these can put your life in danger.

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