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What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down in Dubai?

What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down in Dubai

A car breakdown is usually a sort of mechanical or electrical failure in the car that can disrupt the normal operations of the car. In this comprehensive discussion, we have tried to shed light on the types of car / vehicle breakdowns and effective tips to face breakdown situations. Moreover, Windscreen Repair Dubai has also enlisted some essential items that every vehicle owner must keep to avoid being uncomfortable in a car breakdown situation.

Car Breakdown in Dubai | A Complete Guide

Car Breakdown in Dubai

An automobile breakdown requires prompt smart effort with appropriate guidelines. Here we have also discussed car/ vehicle breakdown insurance covering, its types, and the best firms in Dubai that offer breakdown insurance to vehicle owners.

Possible Common Reasons for Car Break Down

We have enlisted the most usual reasons for car breakdowns in Dubai

  • Raising Temperature due to fault in Engine.
  • Due to low coolant and engine oil in the car.
  • Puncture or Bursting of tyres .
  • Leakage or bursting issue in a car radiator.
  • Use of weak or low-quality batteries.
  • If you lose your vehicle keys.

Essential Items You Must Keep To Prevent From Breakdown

  • Reflective or bold color clothing material that reflects you in front of side road passers.
  • Vehicle owners should have a road map.
  • Red hazard or warning triangle to warn other vehicle drivers about breakdowns.
  • Emergency contacts numbers (e.g police, breakdown service providers, and insurance agents).
  • A Flashlight
  • Road Flares
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Jumper Cables
  • A clean water bottle

Tips & Tricks To Face Breakdown Situation

  • Quickly switch on your car hazard lights.
  • Get your car off the road or park at a suitable place.
  • Reduce the speed of your car in the best possible way.
  • Try to avoid the abrupt car breaking.
  • Use a hazard triangle and keep it at some distance for awareness or warning purposes. Place this reflective triangle at about 40-80 feet around the damaged car.
  • Contact with the local emergency services.
  • If you can do it yourself, try to fix the problem, otherwise contact professional service providers.
  • You can also contact Dubai’s police on a non-emergency number (901).
  • Moreover, you can also utilize roadside assistance or smart cover car insurance plans.

Breakdown Insurance Cover

Breakdown Insurance Cover

Breakdown insurance cover is usually roadside assistance that a vehicle owner may get in case of a breakdown of the eligible or insured vehicle. This breakdown insurance covers the replacement or repair cost of the vehicle’s mechanical or electrical failure. Basically, there are two types of car breakdown insurance coverage.

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

In this type of breakdown covering, the insurance firms cover the breakdown of only eligible or registered vehicles. This insurance coverage depends upon the type of plan you have chosen.

Personal Breakdown Cover

In this type of breakdown insurance, the insurance firm covers the insured or registered individual whether he is a driver or passenger in a vehicle. This type of insurance is suitable for those people who have multiple vehicles registered for the same address.

We have enlisted the best car breakdown insurance firms in Dubai.

  • AXA Insurance
  • Oman Insurance
  • AIG Insurance
  • Al-Fujairah
  • Orient Insurance
  • Abu-Dhabi National Takaful
  • Noor Takaful Insurance

Essential Measures To Prevent Car Breakdown

Essential Measures To Prevent Car Breakdown

We have also enlisted some essential tips for car drivers to prevent car breakdowns.

  • While driving, always try to follow the instructions given on warning signs. Don’t ignore these signs.
  • Always try to drive carefully and properly.
  • Avoid using headphones & mobiles while driving.
  • Inspect the car tires regularly.
  • Always try to get your car serviced properly. During car service, analyze all the essential components of the car deeply.
  • Always use the fully charged battery for your car. Because a low or weak battery is a major cause of breakdown. It reduces the frequency of the horn, and efficiency of the car control system, and dims the light.
  • Moreover, always try to prevent the leakage of engine oil and keep its level maintained.

Final Verdict

It is concluded that a car breakdown is a burdensome or inconvenient situation for any vehicle owner. To prevent this type of situation, every vehicle owner must have detailed information about the causes of breakdowns. Furthermore, having comprehensive guides about breakdown treatments is also essential. We have enlisted some paramount and necessary tips for vehicle owners to follow.

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