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Car Fluid Leak? What to do in that situation

car fluid leak

Are you running late for your office, and you saw a fluid leakage under your car? Car carries a variety of fluids like oil, fuel, and coolents and the leakage of these fluids is possible. The car doesn’t leak fluid typically, but when you see stains of fluid under your vehicle, it means you need to address this situation.

When a person invests a considerable amount in purchasing a car, fluid leakage annoys him the most. Keeping your vehicle brand new and in good condition is the priority of every person. You need to address the issue of fluid leakage, but how can you do it without knowing the type of fluid your vehicle is facing issues with?

Determine The Type Of Fluid Leak

There are different types mentioned by Windscreen Repair Dubai, of fluid present in a car. So, It is essential to know the kind of fluid first.

Engine Oil

The first is the engine oil. If you feel a fluid leakage from your vehicle and the color is darker, like brown or black, it must be engine oil. This oil lubricates the components of an engine and ensures effective working. The leakage of this oil will cause the friction of different parts of the car and ultimately affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

The reason for this oil leakage is the crank in the pan plug. Sometimes, the pan plug moves from its place, which causes fluid leakage. To deal with this situation, better to get a professional’s help. Otherwise, with a basic knowledge regarding this issue, the best you can do is to check the position of this plug and keep it in its place.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is also present in your vehicle. There are different transmission fluids, and it is difficult to examine this leakage. The color of this fluid varies from reddish to yellow, and it is generally present in the center of the vehicle. The transmission fluid also lubricates the car. If you see this fluid leakage, you should take your vehicle to the mechanic for a permanent solution.


The anti-freezing fluid is also known as the coolant. It protects your car from overheating. The anti-freeze fluid may be leaked due to the bad condition of the water pump and radiator. It is easier to identify this fluid because it has a sweet smell and is a little thinner. The coolants are present in bright colors so you can locate them. If you see this type of fluid leakage, consult a mechanic immediately because temperature flutuations may create life hazards.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid helps your vehicle’s brakes to work effectively. It is not easy to identify this fluid. The brake fluid changes its color from yellow to brown. This fluid is oily, and when you observe its leakage, treat it immediately because this fluid ensures safety due to which vehicles break work properly.

Windshield Fluid

Sometimes, you face a fluid leakage from your car, but you need not worry because the source of this fluid could be the windshield. This fluid can be removed easily without the help of a professional. It does not affect the performance of your car.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering fluid ensures the smoothness of your vehicle. It is a thinner oil and changes color from red to brown. The steering oil has a sweet smell, and when you notice a steering oil leakage, it is recommended to take the vehicle to any mechanic, also you can use patching paste as a temporary solution.

What Should we need to do?

When you face a situation of fluid leakage, identify the liquid type and then examine what possible solution you should do, whether take it to a mechanic or do it yourself. It is advised to take the vehicle to a mechanic for a permanent solution, but below are some things you can do, when facing fluid leakage, as a temporary measure.

Tighten the loose Connections

The loose connection of parts is one of the most crucial reasons for fluid leakage. When you face a situation of coolant fluid leakage, it could be due to the loose connections between the hoses and the coolant system. Try to tighten the connection to resolve this problem. Furthermore, the damaged seal and gasket could also be the reason for fluid and oil leakage. The gasket provides a seal to the combustion chamber of the engine. So. in case of leakage, try to check the gasket, seal, and hoses and tighten the connection to avoid further leakage.

Replace Damaged Seals

The fluid leakage is caused by the seals and hoses damage. Generally, due to the damaged parts of vehicle, seals and hoses start damaging too, and fluid leakage happens. It is essential to repair the damaged parts of the vehicle and replace the hoses and seals with no delays.

Use Patching Paste

Whenever you face a sudden leakage from your car, you can use a patching paste for a temporary solution. The patching paste is available in different types. This paste is used to stop the car fluid leakage. The plug-n-seal patching paste is generally used for leaks that can be applied easily, and it lasts for a minimum of two hours. Hence, these are recommended for small leaks only.

Use Epoxy Putty

Any damage requires a permanent solution, but if you don’t have time to get it repaired, you can use the epoxy-putty. It is used for multiple purposes and specifically to cover large fluid leaks. It lasts for several days and works effectively.

Use Spill Kits

It is recommended to take a spill kit with you in a vehicle. The spill kits are used to deal with any kind of fluid leakage. This kit contains absorbents and prowler pools for spills and leakage. The spill kits can be found in different sizes, and it has various types that you can buy following your preferences.


Are you facing car fluid leakage issues? This could be from the engine, transmission, coolant, brake, or windshield. You need to know the type of fluid leakage and try to examine the reason so you can address the issue or can resolve it temporarily with no confusions.

If you want to deal with this issue by yourself, you can tighten the connections of hoses, check the seal, and use patching paste and spill kits to deal with the leakage, but remember these are just temporary solutions. You should permanently resolve this issue by taking your car to the mechanic so this won’t create troubles for your car’s functionality measures.

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