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Top Reasons Why Your New Car Battery Keeps Dying

Car Battery Keeps Dying

Cars are designed to create easy transportation ways for us but they need 100% effective parts to ensure proper functionality measures. But, batteries are considered the most sensitive part of this vehicle because of the issues that can appear even during early stage.

Here you must be thinking why it happens in a car that you have purchased recently. You may be ignoring many factors while driving your vehicle and surely this can be the reason for battery drainage. Below are some reasons by Windscreen Repair Dubai, why your vehicle’s battery keeps dying.

Lights Remain On

After a long, hectic day, your only focus is reaching home safely and resting. But your negligence of keeping the car’s headlights on overnight could cause batter drainage.

The accessories present in the vehicle start charging with the battery, and even the mirror light could be the reason for your car battery drainage. It could be an essential aspect due to which your vehicle’s battery faces this issue. So keep the headlights off when the car is not in use.

Presence of Faulty Wire

You can also face car functionality issues, following batteries working, even when you take every preventive measure. It can be possible because of a faulty wire in your car that can consume the battery, and this is known as a Parasitic Draw. It is a process when you leave the lights or some other accessories of the car on for a more extended period, and that part gets charged with the battery, which ultimately causes parasitic draw. So, you should be aware of things that are causing the early death of your car battery.

Disconnected Battery

The loose battery connections can cause a trouble for your car engine functionality. To protect it from corrosion, keep it clean and ensure the connections are tight. This will prevent the early drainage of your battery.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Batteries can also face the problem of dying due to extreme weather changes. Not only does winter cause the battery to die, but in summer seasons, batteries face the same situation. New batteries can withstand these temperature changes, but sometimes, even new batteries fail due to the unbearable cold or scorching heat. For better health of your new car battery, consult an expert to resolve this issue, and in summer, park your car in a shade/ basement to protect it from heat.

Uncharged Battery

To charge the battery an alternator is used. When you start your vehicle, this alternator starts charging the battery with no other signal. Sometimes, it loses its proper functionality therefore stops transmitting enough power to the batteries which can cause troubles.Check the health of your car alternator properly to avoid lter-on battery issues.

Presence of Corrosion on Battery

The damaged battery could also be due to the presence of corrosion. To protect the battery from dying, check the decay daily on it; if present, clean it thoroughly.

New Electrical Changes

The new electrical changes could also damage the health of your car battery. This modification could draw more energy from the battery. Even a strong battery can drain when the power demand exceeds its supply. So, avoid these electrical changes in your car.

Quick Trips

This is an essential factor you don’t notice generally. Making frequent and short trips of about 10 minutes or less could also be the reason to degrade your car battery because this short-distance alternator will not have much time to charge the battery. So, avoid these short trips and boost the battery health of your vehicle.

Core Signs of Battery Damage

When your new car battery starts dying, it will show several symptoms you should notice. You must resolve the signs given below.

  1. When you start the car, there will be a clicking voice from the engine, and it will begin to face problems turning on.
  2. Headlights could be the reason for battery drainage. So, when the battery starts decaying, the car’s headlights will show low-fuctionality.
  3. New car models have upper and lower case markers to show how much the battery is charged. Try to check them regularly.

How to Prevent New Car Battery from Dying

Below are some protection tips you need to know.

Tighten the Battery Connection

The corrosion could be a reason for loose battery connections. Tighten the connections to ensure 100% car battery functionality. You can also take help from DIYs, such as a baking soda and water mixture, to remove battery corrosion instantly.

Drive the Car for 25 Minutes

When your car is of no use for a prolonged time, its battery decays. Try to take your vehicle for a short trip of 25 minutes once a week. This will protect the battery from dying. Avoid short trips (frequent, 20 min) because the alternator cannot charge the battery.

Disconnect the Accessories

After driving, try disconnecting all the accessories and adequately lock the car. The battery could be drained much faster due to the accessories like headlight, and mirror lights. To avoid this issue, be careful about turning these accessories off. This can ensure the prolonged use of the batteries.

Use Jumper Cables

You can also use the Jumper cables when your battery is not charged. These are the thick wires that are used to connect the battery of a car with some other energy source to recharge. You can use this quick solution if you need more time.


The most resistant and resilient batteries can die over time, extreme heat, or cold. A slight negligence could be a reason for the damage to the battery. To protect it from dying, you should check the battery’s connections, drive once a week at least, avoid frequent short tours, turn the accessories off, and recharge the battery; you can use jumper wires.

These are some reasons why the battery of your new vehicle starts dying in its early stage. Use an attentive approach to maximize the lifespan of your car battery by taking all the preventive measures.

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